Asbestos Disease Support Society

The Asbestos Disease Support Society is a member based charitable organisation that was first founded in November 1992.


We are a company limited by guarantee registered with the Australian Not-for-profit Commission. The Society has Deductible Gift Recipient Status which means that donations are tax free.


Members of the Society include those who have been:

  • Diagnosed with an asbestos related disease;
  • exposed to asbestos containing material;
  • Carer’s and family members of people with an asbestos related disease;
  • General supporters of the society;

All of whom pay an annual membership fee.

The Society services include:

  • Access to a qualified Social Worker who can help guide people through the various services available;
  • Telephone support from our volunteers;
  • Access to morning tea groups across Queensland;
  • Access to a free occupational therapy service for a home assessment and assistance with Energy Conservation;
  • Access to a free Nutrition and Dietetics consultation;
  • A quarterly newsletter to keep members up to date;
  • A range of information sheets;
  • Access to a data base of doctors and specialists that we work with on a regular basis;
  • Bi-annual symposium;
  • Annual Ecumenical Service in November;
  • Free consultation with the Society’s lawyers.
  • Repository for the registration of people exposure forms


Each member has a file at the Society and information is kept in accordance with the Society’s privacy policy.


The Society has a number of volunteers who work with us.


The Society undertakes lobbying activities around asbestos issues and in particular treatment issues for people with an asbestos related disease. We are currently lobbying to have a drug called Keytruda listed on the PBS for people diagnosed with Mesothelioma. The more members we have the strength we have in our lobbying activities.


Research is very important to our members with an asbestos related disease and the Society works with the groups such as the Asbestos Disease Research Institute, Medical Specialists, and the University of Queensland.


We are also pleased to be in a position from time to time to be able to make a donation of medical equipment to hospitals.


The Society from time to time will have a campaign around a certain issue. Our current campaign is “Investigate before you Renovate”. The aim of this campaign is to raise awareness of exposure to asbestos containing materials.


The Society participates in awareness activities such as home shows, Senior’s expo’s, and other public events.


The Society is able to supply information and assistance in relation to asbestos issues in general.                                                  [May 2016]

Become a member

Benefits of membership include:

  • Phone and peer support for sufferers and carers
  • Regular updates on issues relating to asbestos exposure and disease
  • Occupational therapy assessment and, if needed, follow-up through our contracted occupational therapist
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