Getting help and support

Asbestos Disease Support Society can help

Sometimes it is helpful just to talk to someone about your situation especially if you or a loved one has just been diagnosed with an asbestos related disease.

Call us on 1800 776 412 and you will be able to talk to a friendly and understanding person who can assist you in getting the answers you may need and the help that is available to you.

We can assist you, your family, carerĀ and friends with:

  1. information on managing the disease
  2. access to free legal advice
  3. access to a social worker and occupational therapist
  4. dietary and nutritional information
  5. support for sufferers;
  6. their families and their carers
  7. advice on asbestos issues

Help with accommodation and travel

We can also assist you with travel and accommodation for those living in rural areas of Queensland who are diagnosed with or undergoing investigation for an asbestos related disease and may need to travel to Brisbane to receive treatment. This can be arranged by calling us on 1800 776 412.


Those with asbestos disease are often entitled to compensation. Generally speaking, compensation entitlements can be obtained in a stress-free way. Compensation entitlements can usually be obtained depending upon the nature of the asbestos disease, where the exposure occurred (the State or country) and whether the exposure to asbestos occurred during employment, self-employment or in a domestic situation such as home renovations or washing asbestos-laden clothes. Compensation entitlements may also be obtained for those who served in the Armed Forces diagnosed with an asbestos disease.

The states of Australia and overseas jurisdictions all have different compensation schemes.

It is important that anyone who is diagnosed with an asbestos disease seek advice about compensation entitlements as soon as possible after diagnosis as strict time limits for lodging claims can apply. There should therefore be no delay in seeking advice about compensation entitlements.

For advice about compensation entitlements contact the Society on 1800 776 412. The Society will be able to put you in contact with an experienced asbestos compensation practitioner as specialist advice, as in all aspects of asbestos disease, is essential.

Become a member

Benefits of membership include:

  • Phone and peer support for sufferers and carers
  • Regular updates on issues relating to asbestos exposure and disease
  • Occupational therapy assessment and, if needed, follow-up through our contracted occupational therapist
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