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VLOG – episode 2


By Natalie Barber & Judith Thomson

Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength” (Spurgeon).

This week we talk about navigating roadblocks! We remind you that all wounds are not visible, and we ask for your help: We kick off our series on mental health by having honest conversations about living with chronic disease and how that can mess with your mind. We offer strategies that can help you to stop ‘worrying about worrying’….because your mind matters!!

Signs and Symptoms of Anxiety


Seeking help for Anxiety



VLOG – episode 1


By Natalie Barber & Judith Thomson

We have 3 things for you today: The debut of 2 very reluctant ‘Video Stars’. How to survive physical distancing with strategies that may serve you well and a quick request.

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Email your ideas, issues and interests that you would like us to chat about during our ongoing vlog series…Thank you for listening and stay safe!

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