Warwick Asbestos investigation continues

Asbestos experts from Workplace Health and Safety Queensland have told the Southern Downs Regional Council to stop supplying mulch from the Allora Waste Transfer Facility as an investigation is underway.

Responding to queries about whether mulch at the facility was contaminated with asbestos, a WHSQ spokesman confirmed the supplier who delivered asbestos-containing soil to the Collegians Junior Rugby League field and Warwick Central State School had taken mulch from the Allora dump.

“The soil supplier and the Allora Waste Transfer Facility, which supplied mulch that was added to the soil, are fully cooperating with WHSQ to determine how the contamination occurred,” the spokesman said.

“With investigations continuing, it isn’t appropriate to comment on what action, if any, will be taken in regards to who may or may not have been responsible.”

The spokesman confirmed contamination has affected at least six different sites around the Southern Downs.

“Property owners with contaminated soil have been contacted and advised the soil is low risk, but to keep it damp until further notice,” the spokesman said.

“Risk to health is negligible because there were no free asbestos fibre bundles visible in any soil sample.” Marian Faa

Article originally appeared in Daily News, Warwick QLD 31 Aug 2018

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