Man who grew up in Mr Fluffy house unable to claim compensation after developing mesothelioma cancer

When James Wallner was a toddler, he and his brothers snuck into the garage of their Canberra home, and discovered a pile of fluffy building material laid out on a tarpaulin.

Before long, the four Wallner boys — aged from three to 10 — were engaged in a “snowball” fight, jumping about and leaping into the stuff.

Even 50 years on, James’ eldest brother Bruce still had vivid memories of the incident.

“It was a magnetic thing for young kids,” Bruce said.

“We made snowballs and had fights and threw it about the place until Mum roused on us and told us to get out of there.

The year was 1970. They were just young kids having fun, with no idea the material they were playing in was insulation that builders were preparing to pump into their home undergoing renovation.

They also had no idea of its name — ‘Mr Fluffy’ loose-fill asbestos — or the tragic toll it would eventually take on their family.

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