Labor, union slam offshore build of ferries after asbestos found in new vessels docked at Carrington

The new river class ferries, four of which are docked at Carrington after arriving from Indonesia earlier this month, have been declared off-limits by the union after asbestos was discovered in gaskets on three vessels.

The MUA says it warned the government and Sydney Ferries operator Transdev of the potential use of asbestos in the construction process.

“For some 18 months now, the MUA has warned both the NSW government and Transdev Sydney Ferries about our concerns that asbestos containing material was going to be used in these vessels,” Paul Garrett, assistant secretary of the MUA’s Sydney branch, said.

“However, Transdev Sydney Ferries has allowed a process that has seen the new vessels built with taxpayer money using asbestos containing materials.

“Those responsible at Transdev … for the build of these vessels overseas using asbestos containing materials should own up, take responsibility and resign.”

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