‘Deanna would be absolutely furious’: ACC appeals ‘hug of death’ asbestos ruling

Angela Calver says her sister-in-law, Deanna Trevarthen was the type of person who would get “really angry” about injustice and fairness.

She says Trevarthen, who died in 2016, would be “absolutely furious” at an ACC appeal of a High Court ruling that found ACC was liable for Trevarthen’s secondhand exposure to asbestos.

She had likely been exposed through hugging her electrician father as a child after he came home from work – the so-called hug of death – and from playing on his work sites.

ACC handles compensation claims for the effects of asbestos exposure in New Zealand, but claimants must have been exposed at work, meaning cases such as Trevarthen’s were not covered.

Read more on this story at: https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/health/114727524/deanna-would-be-absolutely-furious-acc-appeals-hug-of-death-asbestos-ruling

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