Dangerous broken asbestos in 1000 public schools

More than 1000 of the state’s public schools contain potentially deadly asbestos, an analysis of the Education ­Department’s asbestos register has revealed.

The worrying statistics were revealed in NSW parliament on Wednesday, with Labor outlining an audit they had conducted that shows 109 schools had “friable asbestos” — a type which easily crumbles when touched.

Another 988 schools have “damaged” asbestos, which means it is breaking down and could pose a risk to children.

The figures were revealed at a hearing of Budget estimates for the department, with Education Minister Sarah Mitchell grilled about the issue by Labor’s Courtney Houssos.

Read more on this story at: http://online.isentialink.com/dailytelegraph.com.au/2019/09/04/b91b9238-8045-4032-a319-b7f0e6bbcbd1.html

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