Bernie Banton Foundation to close as Karen Banton retires

Karen Banton, asbestos-related disease campaigner and widow of Bernie Banton, has announced that she is retiring from her role as chief executive of the Bernie Banton Foundation and that the foundation will close its doors on 30 June 2020.

The decision came after Karen and her husband Rod Smith, who served as the foundation’s awareness and support coordinator since 2012, plan to take a break and focus on their health after spending 20 years of their time advocating

Funds and assets of the foundation will be distributed to charities with similar objectives as the company. Further details on the funds will be given closer to the closure.

Since its inception in 2009, the Bernie Banton Foundation has supported over 1,100 asbestos-related disease sufferers and family members. Through its advocacy efforts, it has reached over 14 million Australians and has been sharing the important message of risks surrounding asbestos exposure as well as advocating for continued research into the issue.

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