Asbestos warning for renos

REALITY do-it-yourself renovation TV shows have been urged to issue warnings to home handymen over the dangers of asbestos.

Authorities fear the rise in the popularity of home renovation programs, including The Block, House Rules and Selling Houses Australia, could be a factor in driving an increase in renovations of older homes likely to contain asbestos.

The Morrison Government has written to TV networks pleading for help to educate audiences to exercise caution around their homes, workplaces or the environment.

About 4000 Australians still die from asbestos-related diseases each year, despite a national ban on products having been in place since 2003.

The shows have been asked to reflect a more realistic image of the likely presence of asbestos-containing materials and the risks in handling them during renovation segments.

They have also been asked to devote segments to how to stay when renovating and place warnings on segments if demolition is being shown.

A campaign to educate the community about exposure to deadly asbestos fibres comes amid plans to strengthen customs measures to prevent the illegal importation of asbestos.

Industrial Relations Minister Kelly O’Dwyer said in a letter to TV producers the legacy of asbestos-containing materials was still a major threat.

Article originally appeared in Herald Sun.

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