Asbestos scare: SDRC investigation continues

THE council investigation into material believed to be asbestos found in a popular Warwick public space is yet to yield definitive results.

Four to five pieces of the non-friable material, each about the size of half a credit card, were yesterday found in Australiana Park by a Warwick resident.

A Southern Downs Regional Council spokeswoman said the council was alerted via Facebook and had the potentially dangerous substances removed immediately.

“Council wishes to advise residents that the non-friable material suspected to be asbestos at Australiana Park has now been collected and removed by asbestos-trained regulatory services,” she said.

“All collected material was bonded and not-friable, and therefore if found to be asbestos is not considered to pose any significant risk to park users.

“Qualified and trained officers inspected the site yesterday, and again walked the whole site today to check for any additional pieces. Today’s site inspection did not result in officers finding any more pieces.”

SDRC was unable to confirm why or for how long the suspected asbestos may have been in the popular recreational area.

The material is currently undergoing laboratory analysis, with the results expected by the end of this week.

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