A warning to tourists still flocking to Australia’s most deadly town

There are a litany of reasons to head to Western Australia’s Pilbara region – the natural playground boasts some of the country’s most dreamy landscapes, rare flora and fauna, and a rich Indigenous culture.

But as locals work to grow tourism in the region, there’s one place the government is desperately trying to keep people away from. So deadly is it, it’s been removed from maps.

Wittenoom, a former country town in the Hamersley Range region, today lies abandoned. Watch the clip above for an eerie glimpse at the once bustling mining site.

Read more on this story at: https://travel.nine.com.au/latest/australias-most-contaminated-town-wittenoon-abandoned/b7752071-b209-452a-bdfb-442a73b66c25

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