A Life Devoted To Asbestos Victims

“Instead of just a nice doctor who was sympathetic and caring I became one of them.”

“When my mother got sick the irony was that she had Mesothelioma from her time in Darwin. She was the matriarch and she cleaned the house built in 1936, filthy with fibro asbestos sheeting, moulded asbestos louvres. The thing with fibro-asbestos is that glues held it all together. I can remember my mother cleaning the louvres and the asbestos would just crumble.”

“What that did was give me status within the Asbestos Diseases Society with whom I had been working for 10 years. They now call me the medical consultant and one of them as well because I have been exposed to asbestos with a first degree relative who died from the disease.”

Greg has been with the Asbestos Diseases Society for 34 years. He stopped his North Perth practice in 2013, but “I see usually about 30 people a week, two mornings a week now. I am 80 years of age and no spring chicken.”

Read more on this story at: https://www.medicalhub.com.au/a-life-devoted-to-asbestos-victims/

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