ADSS calls for 10m2 renovation law change

Home renovators would be prosecuted if they attempted to undertake their own electrical work because they are working on just one room, or a small job. Yet Queensland law allows untrained and inexperienced renovators to remove up to 10m2 of deadly asbestos. They can remove even more if they complete a short course. The government allows this to keep renovation costs down and on the assumption renovators will take the correct precautions, but anecdotal evidence from home shows tell us few people do it properly. What we do know is contact with asbestos, even with a small amount and for a short time, can kill. ADSS, in Asbestos Awareness Week 2017 (20 November-24 November) and in the lead up to the Queensland election (25 November), is calling for a commitment from all political parties to put an end to this deadly practice. Like electrical work, all asbestos removal should be undertaken by a licensed professional. Click on the link below for more details.

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