Some of our proud achievements

  • The Society has established an information & support centre that is open 5 days a week.
  • The Society has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to research into treatment for asbestos disease and education of doctors about asbestos disease and its treatment.
  • The Society has contributed to the establishment of a National Mesothelioma Register for people who have been diagnosed with mesothelioma on or after 1 July 2010 in Australia. This register will help the Australian Government develop policies to best deal with the asbestos still present in Australia’s buildings and environment and to prevent mesothelioma in the future.
  • The Society has lodged numerous submissions to the Queensland Government which has led to the enacting of special legislation to make it easier for those with asbestos disease to claim compensation.
  • The Society has been involved in raising awareness about the dangers of asbestos and has also liaised with various Government departments and union groups regarding safe disposal of asbestos and penalties for unsafe handling of asbestos.
  • The Society worked in conjunction with Queensland Health and other groups in preparing a booklet regarding safe handling of asbestos for tradespersons and those undertaking “do-it-yourself” renovations entitled Asbestos: A home renovator’s and tradeperson’s guide for minor work in domestic buildings
  • The Society hosts numerous Asbestos Information & Support Meetings throughout South-East Queensland at which persons affected by asbestos can meet, support each other and gain information.
  • The Society holds seminars throughout Queensland raising awareness about asbestos issues.
  • The Society holds an Annual Charity Race Day on the second Wednesday of September each year to raise much needed funds to continue the aims of the Society.
  • The Society has held seminars featuring prominent medical specialists, Department of Health representatives, Workplace Health & Safety officials and legal advisors. Our speakers at these seminars have delivered current information on the treatment and management of asbestos related diseases, safe handling and disposal of asbestos and other critical information for those affected by asbestos.
  • The Society, in 2010, successfully lobbied the Queensland Government to abolish the statute of limitations for asbestos disease court claims and introduced damages to assist dependants of those with asbestos disease.
  • The Society was involved in the campaign to have the main chemotherapy drug for treatment of mesothelioma, Alimta, placed on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.
  • The President, Helen Colbert, Secretary, Raymond Colbert and Society Legal Officer, Mr Thady Blundell, holds positions on the Queensland’s Department of Education Technical Advisory Committee for Asbestos Management in all Department of Education Schools, Tafe Colleges and other buildings. These appointments were at the request of the Minister of Education. To view the current asbestos policy in this area, click on the following link

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  • Regular updates on issues relating to asbestos exposure and disease
  • Occupational therapy assessment and, if needed, follow-up through our contracted occupational therapist
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