Disposal of asbestos

All Australian states and territories discourage householders and home renovators disposing of asbestos materials. It is highly recommended you contract licensed and experienced professionals to take care of the safe disposal of asbestos for you. To find a licensed professional please contact the Demolition & Asbestos Industry Association at www.daia.com.au. Alternatively, search for asbestos removal businesses under ‘asbestos removal and treatment’ but please ensure they are qualified and licensed to carry out the work.

However, if you prefer to undertake the disposal of the asbestos material yourself, you should be aware that each state and territory has its own laws and requirements that be followed to ensure the disposal is not a threat to you, others and the community. The Asbestos Disease Support Society operates in Queensland, the Northern Territory and northern New South Wales. If you are from another part of Australia, please look up requirements in your own state or local government area.


Asbestos disposal is under the control of local councils.  You are encouraged to contact your local council and confirm details, fees, waste tracking requirements and any special arrangements before attempting to dispose of asbestos. Please remember also that asbestos is a ‘regulated waste’ and so there are specific requirements that must be met when it is transported by anyone. Councils reserve the right to refuse asbestos from any transporter. A list of local government refuse statements and their asbestos requirements can be found here.

New South Wales

The storage, disposal and transport of asbestos waste at non-worksites is regulated by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) or by your local council. Whether your council or the EPA is the appropriate regulatory authority is determined under the Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014. For more information contact your local council. More details on general requirements associated with the transportation and disposal of asbestos and contaminated materials can be found here.

Northern Territory

The Northern Territory discourages the removal, transportation and disposal of asbestos by people without training or a licence but it can be undertaken in certain circumstances. However, only licensed operators are authorised to accept asbestos for disposal. Guidelines for dealing with asbestos waste in the Northern Territory can be found here.

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