The Asbestos Disease Support Society (ADSS) is made up of people who have an asbestos related disease, their families, friends and carers as well as unions, asbestos industry representatives and related government departments. The Society also works closely with medical and legal professionals experienced in asbestos related diseases.

ADSS is here to assist anyone who is affected by an asbestos related disease – whether directly or indirectly. ADSS is able to provide information as well as moral and emotional support to sufferers, carers, family members and friends. We are also able to provide advice and the contact information to receive the best possible medical treatment and legal advice. Those affected by asbestos disease, or their dependents, may be eligible for compensation and/or a pension.



The Asbestos Disease Support Society and Silicosis Support Network are here to help

The Asbestos Disease Support Society and Silicosis Support Network continue to operate and provide assistance to those who have an asbestos related disease or other dust related lung disease, such as silicosis.

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic is increasingly impacting Australian society, particularly vulnerable will be those who have underlying medical conditions, such as an ARD or silicosis. Many will take extra precautionary measures during these unprecedented times to protect themselves and their families from exposure to the coronavirus. Unfortunately, social separation potentially translates into a form of social isolation, resulting in loneliness, anxiety or depression.

In times like this, it’s essential we support one another and show compassion to those who need it. This is a shared experience that’s stressful for everyone and without a known timeframe.

Fortunately, positive social support can improve our resilience for coping with stress, so staff at the Society/SSN (including our qualified social workers and registered nurse) are all here to provide support and other assistance throughout these uncertain times.

We are here to help through the provision of social support, information, occupational therapy, loaning of medical aids (such as portable oxygenators) and more. Additionally, there is no cost associated with this support.

Please contact the Society if assistance is required.


ADSS Morning Tea Events

The Asbestos Disease Support Society, together with Turner Freeman Lawyers, are hosting free morning teas as a social get together for those suffering from asbestos disease, their families and carers.

The morning teas are a way to welcome old and new friends, to come together and be surrounded by those that have been impacted by asbestos disease.

Please feel free to share this information to any of your friends or acquaintances whom you believe may benefit from attending and receiving information about asbestos diseases and support available for those suffering from asbestos disease and possible entitlements to compensation.

Our morning tea events for 2022 are listed below:

KINGAROY – 5 May 2022 – Kingaroy RSL

CHERMSIDE – 11 May 2022 – Kedron Wavell Services Club

BEAUDESERT – 23 May 2022 – Beaudesert RSL

CAIRNS – 6 June 2022 – Cairns RSL

TOWNSVILLE – 7 June 2022 – Townsville RSL

MACKAY – 8 June 2022 – Magpies Sporting Club

ROCKHAMPTON – 9 June 2022 – Rockhampton Leagues Club


ADSS Support Groups

Social groups play a big role within the Society and were set up with the aim of bringing people together who are affected by asbestos related diseases. It is very much an informal group for our members, their carers and friends to come together in a relaxed social setting. Currently the Society has eight successful support groups, that are held across different locations in Queensland including Bundaberg, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Hervey Bay, Ipswich, Rockhampton, Sunnybank and Chermside.

Some of the benefits of attending a social group:

  • It can help you feel less lonely or isolated, as you make connections with others facing similar challenges. You realise you are not alone, and this can be a huge relief to the person.
  • Members can offer one another emotional comfort and mutual support and the opportunity to talk openly and honestly to others.
  • It can expand your social network and help you make new friends, which can improve your overall sense of wellbeing.
  • You will also help other group members with your friendship and caring manner and bring a sense of comfort in giving back to the community.

The following comments were offered from members about how much they enjoy the support groups.

“I enjoy the company and that everyone can share their experiences”.

“I really look forward to these morning teas’

“Thank you for the assistance and support you provided to my husband on his meso journey”

“Always lovely enjoyable company”

We encourage you to come along and meet with other people affected by asbestos disease. It is an opportunity to catch up over a cup of tea, coffee, and morning tea and to share experiences and make new friends.

Listed below are our Support Group dates, Please call the Society for further information on 1800 776 412

Listen to our ambassador Trevor Gillmeister talk about the dangers of asbestos

If you are thinking of renovating, Trevor has an important message that could save your life. Trevor also talks about how ADSS can help those who are suffering from an asbestos related disease, the support and services ADSS can provide to both sufferers and their families.  Listen to it now.

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Benefits of membership include:

  • Phone and peer support for sufferers and carers
  • Regular updates on issues relating to asbestos exposure and disease
  • Occupational therapy assessment and, if needed, follow-up through our contracted occupational therapist
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