The Asbestos Disease Support Society (ADSS) is made up of people who have an asbestos related disease, their families, friends and carers as well as unions, asbestos industry representatives and related government departments. The Society also works closely with medical and legal professionals experienced in asbestos related diseases.

ADSS is here to assist anyone who is affected by an asbestos related disease – whether directly or indirectly. ADSS is able to provide information as well as moral and emotional support to sufferers, carers, family members and friends. We are also able to provide advice and the contact information to receive the best possible medical treatment and legal advice. Those affected by asbestos disease, or their dependents, may be eligible for compensation and/or a pension.

Listen to our ambassador Trevor Gillmeister talk about the dangers of asbestos

If you are thinking of renovating, Trevor has an important message that could save your life. Trevor also talks about how ADSS can help those who are suffering from an asbestos related disease, the support and services ADSS can provide to both sufferers and their families.  Listen to it now.

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Benefits of membership include:

  • Phone and peer support for sufferers and carers
  • Regular updates on issues relating to asbestos exposure and disease
  • Occupational therapy assessment and, if needed, follow-up through our contracted occupational therapist
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